From ZERO Property Sales In A Year, To A Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Business

It’s time for another video session in which I chat with one of our REIvault members, sharing information about what other movers and shakers in the industry are doing. To that end, I spent some time talking with Erik Hatch, the founder of several real estate companies including Snap Offer. In this video, we talk about Snap Offer and how this company is revolutionizing real estate when it comes to financing, selling and buying. This video has several highlights that you definitely want to check out.

2:00 – Just a few minutes into the video, Hatch explains who he is and how he got to where he is today. From Fargo, ND, he first got into the real estate business in 2006. By his own admission, he was rather unsuccessful at first. From selling zero properties in 2006 to going full-time only five years later to dealing with millions of dollars annually five years after that, Hatch’s story is an inspirational one that demonstrates how real estate can be a lucrative investment, if you are committed and able to find the right resources.

4:30 – As Hatch continues, he shares a bit about his business philosophy. Hatch believes that the most important elements in any business are the people who work in that company. In fact, when he makes new hires, he is more interested in an applicant’s character rather than his or her experience. Experience can be gained and knowledge can be taught, but character cannot. So, Hatch surrounds himself with the right kind of people who all work together toward a common goal and can work well together.

7:30 – At this point in the video, Hatch talks about his company, Snap Offer. This company makes it easy for people to sell their properties, and for investors to find properties that are ready to sell.

The process is fairly easy. First, someone who is interested in selling a property, can contact Snap Offer. Once the initial contact is made, an appointment for an evaluation of the property by Snap Offer is made. After the initial appraisal, Snap Offer gives the potential seller two different offers. The first offer is the “investor price.” The second is the suggested retail price.

The suggested retail price is the price the home should list for once it is ready to show. It includes any structural or cosmetic work that needs to be done. Keep in mind that listing a home also means going through the usual rigamarole of haggling, changing prices, negotiating and whatever else it takes to sell a home, all without any actual guarantee of selling.

The investor price is the price that Snap Offer will pay to allow a seller to unload a home right away. The offer will be less than the suggested retail price, but the deal is hassle-free and worry-free. The seller gets to unload the home right away without having to worry about negotiating or making costly repairs to get the house ready to show to prospective buyers.

12:00 – After talking about Snap Offer, Hatch talked about how partnering with REIvault changed his company. Within the first 90 days, his company was able to get 45 leads, or 15 appointments per month for the first three months. The leads turned into extremely profitable investments in many cases, and Hatch has been able to use REIvault’s resources to take his successful real estate business to an even higher level.

27:00 – Near the end of the video, Hatch talks about some of the other resources he offers, including coaching services.

If you are intrigued by the content of this video, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Then, you can also see if the materials at REIvault are right for you, and if you qualify to join