How to Crush It in the iBuyer Market w/Erik Hatch

One of the biggest things happening in our industry right now is the influx of investor money. There is a great opportunity for us to grow our businesses, add more volume and increase our bottom line. What is Snap Offer and how is our guest, Erik Hatch, using it to boost his business? How can we leverage these tools and create distinct advantages against big box companies and Wall Street?

On this episode, coach and investor, Erik Hatch shares how Snap Offer works and why it’s such a great source for qualified leads.

Snap Offer is a great way to stay on the top of your game while everyone else is figuring out how to stay afloat with what they did yesterday. – Erik Hatch 

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3 Things We Learned From Erik Hatch

  • Sellers who are using iBuyers are looking to escape some of the frustrations that come with selling a house; and they are willing to forgo equity for it.
  • There are 127 million single family properties in the US and 18 million of those are inherited properties or owned by disinterested landlords. Most investors are missing a great opportunity by not targeting them.
  • If we have a real estate team and are looking to launch our investing operation, we should have a cash buyer on our team. If we’re investors, we should be looking to add quality realtors to our investment personnel.

At the start of the show, Erik shared on the iBuyer opportunity he found and why some sellers are willing to get less money in exchange for convenience. We discussed the selling experience that iBuyers offer vs. a traditional transaction. We also talked about what it takes to thrive in this market.

We also discussed;

  • The importance of hyper-local knowledge 
  • How to build a versatile real estate operation 
  • The impact Snap Offer has had on Erik’s business

Through Snap Offer, Erik Hatch has added $400k in commissions, 100 transactions, and $100k in equity to his bottom line. iBuyers have value because they offer many sellers what they are looking for, which is a first class service along with immediacy and convenience. It’s important to add this functionality to our businesses because it makes us more versatile. If we build multiple tools into our operations, we’ll be better prepared to respond to shifts in the market. 

Guest Bio- 

Erik is a broker/owner, investor, coach and founder of Hatch Realty, Hatch Coaching. To learn more about the Snap Offer function, visit

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