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How To Sell Effectively AND Honestly For Big Results

Today we’re going to be focusing on one of the most fundamental elements of real estate (or any business, for that matter): sales. Every real estate investor knows that sales are the cornerstone of success, but reaching one’s goals can seem like an impossible challenge. For many investors and entrepreneurs, they focus too much on…


How to Raise Money the Easy Way for Real Estate

Hey everyone, I have shared a lot of information about real estate investing through these videos, but one element that I always get asked about is how to fund these investments. It is easy to understand the fundamentals of this industry and know what you’re supposed to do, but it may not be quite as…


The Benefits And Challenges Of Sales In Real Estate Investing

No matter what kind of business you have, sales is one of the most fundamental aspects that must be mastered. Regardless of what you are selling, having the right sales team can make or break your bottom line, which is why you must bring the best people on board whenever possible. Today I’m talking about…


Immutable Laws Of Real Estate Investing

Creating A Real Estate Cash With Gary Boomershine by MoneyForLunch Hey everyone – usually I’m here talking to you about an interview that I’m doing with one of my friends or colleagues that I know in the real estate business, but in this installment, the tables have turned. Today, I’m getting interviewed by Bert Martinez,…


How To Succeed Flipping Houses

When it comes to making money in real estate, one of the most straightforward options for investors is flipping homes and other properties. In this video with veteran flipper Justin Colby, we will talk about the market right now, as well as how to manage flipping more efficiently in the future. As always, Justin is…


How To Get Great People In Your Real Estate Business

When I talk to most of the real estate investors who come into REIVault, one of the most common issues I hear about is finding the right people for a sales team. All too often, investors are ambitious and want to progress, but because they can’t do everything themselves, they need to hire high-quality people,…


Why Direct Mail Is Still King In Real Estate Investment

Hello REI World! Check out this episode of The “Science Of Flipping” podcast with Justin Colby about direct mail campaigns. Some REI professionals are unaware of the powerful impact that direct mail can have on both your lead generation and your total sales revenue. Whether you are growing your own REI business or just looking…

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