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How to Leverage People and Build a Monster Team w/Jeff Cohn

Many aspiring business owners have bought into the idea that they have to work around the clock to build wealth and a successful team— but that’s not the case. How can you leverage people’s time so that you don’t have to work yourself to the bone? What does it take to build a successful team…


Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated ISA

If you’re successfully generating leads but can’t seem to convert them, there’s a very important link missing in your business. What is the purpose of an ISA, and why are they so important to your business? What are the resources you should be leveraging? What metrics do you need to be tracking when it comes…


Deal Sourcing & How to Connect With Lenders w/Ross Hamilton

Many people in real estate investing feel like their funding sources are running out, but with the right connections, you can easily overcome this obstacle. How does the Connected Investor help investors looking for lenders? What are some of the key things we need in order to be lender-ready? How can we avoid scammers online?…