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How to Win More Trust – and Deals w/Matthew Hedstrom

When investing in real estate, we need to avoid making mistakes with ARV and repair value. How can we provide sellers with more realistic numbers, that both they and our contractors can trust? Is there a baseline we should be using to ensure more accuracy? On this episode, co-creator of Rehab Estimator Pro, Matthew Hedstrom…


How to Structure and Finance Deals More Creatively w/Chris Prefontaine

Success in real estate investing all comes down to creative financing and the way we structure our deals. What tools do we need to see great results in our businesses? Where can we learn how to structure our deals more effectively? On this episode, bestselling author and industry veteran, Chris Prefontaine shares how we can…


How to Work with Homeowners in Hot Markets w/ Gary Boomershine

One of the most pressing issues real estate investors face is how to dominate and succeed in a hot and highly competitive market. What are the key mindsets we need to succeed? How can we interact with sellers to get better results? On this episode, I share practical techniques that can help us win in…


How to Succeed By Letting Luck Find You w/Justin Colby

To be successful, it’s important that we pay attention to our inner game and ensure we’re putting ourselves in the right places, at the right times. Is it smart to court luck? If so, how can we use luck to help us succeed? How do we regroup when we find that a strategy isn’t working?…


How Integrity Can Boost Your Business

A lot of real estate investors worry that acting with too much integrity can impact on our businesses negatively. Does integrity threaten our success? Do we need to focus on making a profit, above all else? On this episode, I’m sharing how acting in the interests of your clients can- and will- benefit your business….

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