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Why Boring Creates Massive Real Estate Investment Profits

You’ve heard the phrase “think outside the box,” before many different times, to the point where it seems more like a truism than a piece of advice. For many people, this creative thinking is the driving purpose behind most of their business decisions. After all, when you’re in a competitive industry (like real estate), you…


How One Investor Solved The 2 Biggest Problems Facing Real Estate Investors Today

“I don’t want to be a professional marketer…” Brent said“I want to be a professional real estate investor”  “Just Put me in front of motivated sellers and let me close some deals.” Brent’s a successful but frustrated investor in Texas and recently vented his frustrations on a business that’s quickly overwhelming him. “It’s more like I’m pretending to…


3 Reasons You’re Not Closing As Many Seller Leads As You Should Be

If you’re like most real estate investors out there, you probably think that the vast majority of seller leads that come in from your marketing efforts lead to nowhere. And the truth is, YES, the vast majority of inbound seller leads are not going to close right away.  In fact they’re not going to even close…