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How To Get Great People In Your Real Estate Business

When I talk to most of the real estate investors who come into REIVault, one of the most common issues I hear about is finding the right people for a sales team. All too often, investors are ambitious and want to progress, but because they can’t do everything themselves, they need to hire high-quality people,…


Why Direct Mail Is Still King In Real Estate Investment

Hello REI World! Check out this episode of The “Science Of Flipping” podcast with Justin Colby about direct mail campaigns. Some REI professionals are unaware of the powerful impact that direct mail can have on both your lead generation and your total sales revenue. Whether you are growing your own REI business or just looking…


How to Build a High-Performing Team Part 2 w/Julia Jordan

On this episode, I continue the conversation with my excellent operations specialist, Julia Jordan, about how to build a great culture, team, and accountability to scale up a business.  If you missed Part 1, you can get it HERE. Have weekly meetings with your team that encourage sharing and a sense of community. -Gary Boomershine Watch the…


High Leverage Tasks Generate The $$$

As the owner of a real estate investment company, you spend a lot of your time managing the countless tasks that come your way on a daily basis. While all of these tasks are necessary to run your business, not all of them seem to bring about the same benefits. We can distinguish between these…


How Building A Great Company Culture Will Give You The Ulimtate Freedom

Many real estate investors are solopreneurs trying to do everything on their own. However, once they get some deals under your belt the successful ones begin building out a team, resources, employees and contractors. Having a team to do all the heavy lifting, helping you with administrative tasks, marketing, sales, operations and finance is the…


How to Master Your Life Balance

We’ve all heard that we need to achieve work-life balance, but that’s easier said than done. How can you create a life of balance for yourself? Can it allow you to be financially stable? On this episode I talk with Luke, an REIvault member who has achieved great success in his full-time position in finance,…


How To Grow Your REI Business Into New Markets

If you’re interested in being the best real estate investor possible, then you’ll want to know what systems are going to work best. Fortunately, you don’t have to discover the right tools by yourself. Rather than searching for new ways to make money in real estate, you can utilize the processes offered by REIVault. Today…

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