Team Spotlight – Doug Lewis

Doug is a Firestarter who is sure to help REIgnyte our industry.

Having Doug on our executive team at is already igniting that fire in our team. During our first united team meeting of the year, Doug kicked off his speech to our newly merged team with the following incredibly accurate sentiment.

“I feel like I’m a coach coming and taking over a playoff team that’s in the championship every year, and they just need that little bit of help to win the Super Bowl. That’s what I’m good at, what I specialize in.” —Doug Lewis, Chief Information Officer of

Doug has a strong focus on the grassroots of our industry, and has a plan to ensure that no real estate investor gets left behind. One way he’s doing this is by building innovative and scalable packages that can grow as real estate investors businesses grow—including providing a start-up package for our members who are brand new to the industry.

He loves empowering people and nurturing a culture where innovation can thrive.

Doug Lewis

When we asked Doug what his favorite part of his job was, he said that he loves empowering people to become their best versions of themselves and unlocking their hidden potential. He’s committed to building a team culture where his team can think freely, and completely unleash their innovation and creativity. The atmosphere was charged with a newfound energy when he gave his new team the following charge.

“I have one sole purpose in this company—to empower smart people with the support, tools, and processes they need to be great. That’s my job. Not to tell you what to do. My job is to be your sounding board and to empower you to do what you know how to do and what you already know you need to do. Your voice is being heard. It’s always been heard. But with the merging of our companies now we have the manpower and the bandwidth to actually implement everything you’ve always wanted to do.”—Doug Lewis, Chief Information Officer,

Getting to know Doug Lewis on a personal level.

Doug lives in San Diego, California where he was born and raised. His super powers include being both creative and analytical, a rare dual talent.

When Doug’s not working, you can find him spending time with his wife and beautiful granddaughters, or taking a sunset ride on his cruiser up to Hot Springs Mountain. If he had to pick an alternative career, he would own and run a rescue for horses alongside his wife.

“The best year of my life is to come, and it starts today!” —Doug Lewis

We feel the same way as Doug does and our entire team is thrilled to have him onboard as our CIO of With a powerhouse team and the best members in the world, we’re definitely set up to fulfill our mission to— REIgnyte your business. REInvent your life.

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