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  • Send out weekly email blasts about our Done-For-You Services to your entire Network
  • Share about our Done-For-You Services on your social media accounts
  • Call all of your real estate investor friends up and tell them about our Done-For-You Services and why you think we’ll make a great fit for their business
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  • Share about our Done-For-You Services during your next Master Mind or MeetUp
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More Information On Our $1,000 REI Affiliate Incentives:​

  • To ensure you get a $1,000 referral fee for every friend or follower that you refer to us, please make sure they know to list your name on their application as their only referral source. We’ll ask them your name again during our enrollment call as well just in case they forgot to add it before.
  • You will receive your $1,000 affiliate referral fee 30-days after their first paid month with us as a Done-For-You Services Member. You must be a current affiliate with us at the time you become eligible for this referral fee in order to qualify for this incentive.
  • This credit is only for newly enrolled Done-For-You Services Members that you refer to us.
  • The sky’s the limit on how many new members you can send our way! $1,000 is a good chunk of change. Now imagine if you referred 10 friends to us… That’s $10,000!!! (Wowza!)

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