The “Holy Grail” For Real Estate Investors And How To Dramatically Scale Your Investment Results

When it comes to real estate investing, there are two types of clients – buyers and sellers. For the most part, finding buyers is easy. In fact, as an investor, you’re already a buyer, so finding other like-minded people is a snap. However, sellers are where the real money is since they are the ones who have the properties that need to move.

But how can you get a list of sellers in your area? Sure, you could go door to door, but who has the time, energy, and patience for that?

Instead, REIVault is a much better real estate marketing system. How good is it? We deal almost exclusively with sellers, and help investors buy homes at a ridiculously fast rate.

REIvault founder Gary Boomershine sat down with investor Erik Hatch and reveals exactly how he’s been able to dramatically scale real estate investor’s businesses using REIvault. Gary goes over the reasons why this system is so successful and yields such high-profit results. Some of the highlights include:

  • Finding sellers who need to close a deal fast.
  • Making an offer to buy, not to list.
  • Locating sellers who don’t want to (or can’t) go the traditional route.

However, one of the biggest reasons why investors using REIvault have success where others fail? Consistency.

Gary talks about how he has a dedicated team that follows up with leads, including those that seem colder than a winter’s night. In so many cases, sellers who balked at an offer come back and make a deal.

We don’t want to spoil the interview, so check it out. Then, once you’re interested in seeing how you can get involved with REIVault, you can see if you qualify. There’s no reason not to use this marketing system. The results speak for themselves, and you can hear it from the man himself.

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