One Video Can Scale Your Salary To Seven Figures

If you had the choice between spending hours doing hard work to make you have a successful real estate career or sitting back while someone else does the work AND you make more profit, the choice would probably be pretty easy to make.

If you want to scale up your business to become more successful, you have to spend time hiring workers, training and managing them, hiring a phone team, coming up with marketing strategies, and so on. Truly, it would be easier to let someone else to do the work

I want to take the work off of your hands while making you extra money in the process. REIvault will take you all the way to the 10-yard line by providing all of the marketing resources you need to score the touchdown of profit.

About REIvault

REIvault changes your role as an investor into a real estate entrepreneur real estate. I discovered that I could scale my real estate business higher by using procedures and systems that took me out of the daily struggle to get clients.

Fifteen masterminds that had proven success in the real estate investment field came together with me to collaborate on the best method of success. We worked off of the collective knowledge we gained in the field, while making shared services like labor and cost as low as possible.

Our findings showed that finding new methods to be successful and differentiating your company from others  is not the path to make the most money. Instead, they reconstructed past methods to create a “perfect script” that works.

How it Works

There are many ways to market your real estate business as an investor, including:

  • Direct mail.
  • Outbound cold calling.
  • Text messaging.
  • Automated voicemails.
  • Broadcast commercials.
  • Pay-per-click advertisements.
  • Canvassing.

We developed the perfect script for each method. The exact strategies can be found easily by watching this video.

In the video we explain the process of how to use Podio, a system similar to CRM, to input leads that can automatically reach potential clients by using all of the aforementioned strategies as if you were making the calls, texts or voicemails yourself.

The difference is in the script and in the process of generating leads. Currently, REIvault has over 250 experienced and successful real estate investors. These investors make over seven figures annually and have a large enough budget where they average anywhere from five to 50 houses in one month using this system. You pay a team of professionals $10 an hour to do all of your marketing, outreach, and management. You control what to do and how detailed they can do it. The team works for you.

What Sets REIvault Apart

Through repeated success, we at REIvault have determined that direct mail is the best outreach strategy to make the most profit. The best way for investors to build a business is to use direct mail until they have a firm backing, and then try the other strategies.

We’ve calculated which days that are most beneficial to drop direct mail and which have the highest response rate.

Everyone at REIvault is part of a team. We have experience, they know how to plug in the leads, and they use Boomershine’s scripts. They constantly work together to master the best strategy to use.

Since everyone is working toward the same goal, getting there is faster, more thorough and there is a higher chance of success.

The video explains how the outbound team ensures a successful turnout. They average over a five-dials-to-one-seller ratio, which is the equivalent of  having 100 sellers working on outreach for you, roughly 18-20 connected calls, with an average of at least two calls to make an appointment, provided that you use the script that and the procedures in the video.

The Cone of Comparison

In the video, I discuss why REIvault may be a good choice for you. In the video, you’ll see the difference in the amount of work that needs to be done if you set out on your own against when you have REIvault to help you.

To be a successful real estate investor, there are roughly nine steps for building a business:

  • Marketing.
  • Fulfillment.
  • Systems.
  • “Inbound” Seller Leads.
  • Research/Comparables.
  • “Outbound” Phone Sales.
  • Follow-Up “Drip” System.
  • Negotiate/Close “Ready” Sellers.
  • CEO/Business Owner.

Although getting through all of those steps requires a lot of time, work and effort, when you become an investor with REIvault, you will only pay $10 per hour for them to complete steps one through seven for you, even though step seven on its own is worth $100 an hour.

All you have to do is close the leads that REIvault has done the work to get for you. They do all the hard work, and you get all of the profits.

Becoming an Investor with REIvault

When you join REIvault, you become more than just an investor, you become a part of a proven system of elite entrepreneurs. But, not everyone can become an investor.

The video presents information about the qualification and steps you need to take to become an investor with REIvault.  If you want to get a taste for success without becoming an investor right away, the video also gives information about a free site that follows the basis of the script that me and my team have created that you can use.

Everything you need to make your real estate investment business successful is in this video. So, do not wait! Click the link above and learn how REIvault can take your business to the next level.