The EOS Scorecard: A New Tool to Know Your Numbers & Remove Mystery in Your Business w/Joe Hartman

As real estate investors, it’s important to have a system, not just for what we do but for tracking all our numbers. What are the key numbers and metrics we should track? How can we bring creative offers to the table when we talk to sellers?

On this special training episode, you will learn about the EOS scorecard and how to use it to grow your investing operation.

The two metrics in our business that we should always know is average profit-per-deal and average cost-per-deal
-Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned From Joe Hartman

  • If your phone team is dialing for dollars, out of 100 dials, they will connect to 12-14 sellers.
  • Your profit-per-phone-conversation is an incentive to get your sales process right.
  • There needs to be a way to track offers so that you know how many offers to get a signed contract.

Guest Bio- 

Joe Hartman is a real estate investor and a member of REI Vault. Go to for more information.

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