How to Write a 7-Hour Book & Boost Your Credibility with Sellers w/Nick Raithel

There is so much uncertainty about the market at the moment that it’s become vital for real estate investors to set themselves apart from their competitors. How can writing a book differentiate us from other investors, and how should we structure a book that promotes us? Is there a ‘right’ time to share our stories and principles for success?

On this episode, creator of The 7-Hour Book, Nick Raithel shares what the process entails.

A book could essentially be your surfboard, allowing you to stay above water in a tumultuous market. –Nick Raithel

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3 Things We Learned From Nick Raithel

Books boost credibility

Being able to hand a book to potential sellers immediately gives us a layer of authenticity. Having a book shows our clients that we are serious about what we do. By having a published book, we can gain trust and build rapport much faster.

Keep it simple

Our books should concentrate on 4 principles, and then offer some insight to our backgrounds. This keeps the content easy to process, and ensures the book stays focused. The insight to our personal lives helps the reader bond with us and shows our human side.

Don’t wait – write it now

So often, people wait to share the perfect idea. That’s not necessary. Rather than letting the search for perfect content stop us, we need to share what we do know and use well-known quotes and examples to back it up.

In the current state of uncertainty in the market, we have to demonstrate to our potential clients that we are the most obvious choice. Writing a book gives us a chance to do that, as well as help us build emotional connections with our readers. The process doesn’t need to be difficult – as long as we keep it simple, we can get started right away and start building a great platform for ourselves.

Guest Bio- 

Nick Raithel is the creator of The 7-Hour Book, a system designed to help entrepreneurs accelerate their success by writing a book that only takes 7 hours of their time. Nick is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get the recognition they deserve, without needing to worry about how long it will take. He firmly believes that everyone who has something to say should be given a platform. 

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