How to Work with Homeowners in Hot Markets w/ Gary Boomershine

One of the most pressing issues real estate investors face is how to dominate and succeed in a hot and highly competitive market. What are the key mindsets we need to succeed? How can we interact with sellers to get better results?

On this episode, I share practical techniques that can help us win in a hot market.

It doesn’t matter how hot the market is, the people that know how to sell and differentiate make a lot of money.
-Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned

All leads ‘suck’ until we start interacting with the sellers.

If we don’t identify the seller’s problem, they will just list on the MLS for full price.

Work the solution around the seller. We have many products and approaches we can offer that can fit their needs.

A hot market requires us to increase our own skills and abilities. If we don’t improve our skills and change our tactics, we won’t survive. In order to thrive, we need to slow down the process, find the problem, find the price range that works, and offer a worthy solution.

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