How to Leverage People and Build a Monster Team w/Jeff Cohn

Many aspiring business owners have bought into the idea that they have to work around the clock to build wealth and a successful team— but that’s not the case. How can you leverage people’s time so that you don’t have to work yourself to the bone? What does it take to build a successful team and bring the right people on board? How do you keep those people engaged in the organization?

On this episode, I’m joined by Jeff Cohn, the founder of Omaha’s Elite and host of the Team Building podcast. Jeff shares how he built a strong team of loyal, hardworking, and driven people.

Build a business where you can exit, and it will grow without you being necessary. -Jeff Cohn

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3 Things We Learned From Jeff Cohn

The 2 sets of “clients” you have as a team leader

As the leader of a team, you have two categories of “clients”: the talent you need to retain, and the clients they serve. When you build your company, you have to serve and retain your top talent. Otherwise they will leave, take your system, and become your direct competition.

How to zero-cost your marketing

You can offset your lead generation and marketing costs with money from people who work within the same real estate transaction ecosystem. Whether it’s title insurance, mortgage, or home warranty, if you’re helping them get business, ask them to help foot the bill for your marketing costs.

How leverage works as an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, your time is extremely valuable. The mindset of a true leader is to focus on the highest-value tasks and activities. For everything else, find the right people to leverage who can do those tasks.

The secret to running a successful team and getting the freedom you want as a business leader is the human capital you invest in. If you get the right people on your team, they will be able to handle tasks in your business that will leave you free to focus on the visionary conversations and activities that keep your business going.

About Jeff Cohn

Jeff Cohn is the founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, as well as the host of the Team Building podcast. Under his leadership, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group has become the top team in the Berkshire Hathaway Group, worldwide. Jeff is adamant that this is because of his dynamic team, and he is passionate about teaching people that they can become business owners, rather than cogs in the machine.

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