How to Become Well-Known & Stand Out From the Crowd w/Grant Cardone

Generating attention around our name and expertise is one of the most important tactics when building a successful business. How can we get our name into the public domain? What sort of content should we be sharing to yield the best results?

On this episode, the number one sales and marketing trainer in the world, Grant Cardone shares how to get our name out there and get our content in front of more people.

You’ve got to get known and have people talking about you. –Grant Cardone

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3 Things We Learned From Grant Cardone

In order for people to like us enough to work with us, they have to know us first

To do business with people, they need to know, like and trust us. In order to take the first step, becoming known, we can use free platforms at our disposal to get our name into the public space. Our stories won’t get out until we’ve told it a thousand times, so we have to make sure we’re building familiarity.

Be willing to give to get and start with giving value 

If we want to build a client database, we have to be offering something. This doesn’t need to cost any money- we’ll benefit if we’re offering our knowledge to an audience. Continue offering this kind of value every day and we’ll be impossible to ignore.

Always share relatable stories

Not everything you share with your audience needs to be business-related. Your personal stories about family, health and relationships are relatable to people across industries. The people touched by your stories may do business with you purely because they know who you are on a personal level.

We live in a world saturated with stories, so the thought of trying to stand out from the crowd can be intimidating. However, it doesn’t need to be. We have to make sure we’re putting ourselves on public platforms and sharing our stories every single day. The story doesn’t even need to be different everyday- as long as we’re consistently sharing information, we’ll capture public attention. Remember, money follows attention.

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