How Integrity Can Boost Your Business

A lot of real estate investors worry that acting with too much integrity can impact on our businesses negatively. Does integrity threaten our success? Do we need to focus on making a profit, above all else?

On this episode, I’m sharing how acting in the interests of your clients can- and will- benefit your business.

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Takeaways + Tactics 

Transparency and honesty are crucial for successful businesses.

While we may think acknowledging our downfalls will negatively impact our businesses, in reality showing humility endears us to clients.

Be a problem solver.

Targeting specific problems and telling clients how we can fix them shows dedication to solving problems, rather than making money.

Be genuine.

It’s one thing to say we have integrity; it’s another to actually exhibit it. Integrity should be one of your core values. If it isn’t, don’t tell clients it is. Pretence is extremely damaging and will undermine any trust.

So often, we’re warned against being too ‘nice’. We fear losing out on good money. However, in reality, transparent processes and integrity go a long way in gaining relationships with clients. Success in sales is based on being trusted and respected. Rather than asking if it’s possible to make money by having integrity, we should be asking if it’s possible to be successful without it.

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