Direct Mail Isn’t Dead- Here’s How to Use it Effectively w/Jeff Charlton

With all the online marketing tools we have at our disposal, it might seem that direct mail is becoming a thing of the past – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Why is direct mail still effective, even in the digital age? How can we create mail that delivers results?

On this episode, founder of Graphic Connections Group, Jeff Charlton shares why direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to boost our brands.

Direct mail isn’t dead: it’s actually growing. –Jeff Charlton

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3 Things We Learned From Jeff Charlton

Direct mail is still an effective marketing method for investors

Despite the popularity of online platforms, when it comes to real estate investing, direct mail is still incredibly effective. This is because it’s a proven system, as well as being repeatable, scalable and measurable. It’s also an easy process, if done the right way.

Quality is key

To get results from our direct mail, we have to ensure what we send is high quality. Stop fretting over pennies – if we track the results of our direct mail, it becomes easy to see that the costs are well worth it.

Follow up is also important in direct mail

Following up with the recipients of our mail is critical – if we’re not following up on our leads we’re just wasting time. Once direct mail has been sent, we need to start making phone calls to the recipients.

We often think that marketing is moving to the online world, but that’s not always the case. Particularly in the case of direct mail, tried and tested options are not likely to die out anytime soon. To send successful direct mail, we need to concentrate on quality. Then, it’s up to us to follow up.

Guest Bio- 

Jeff Charlton is the founder of Graphic Connections Group. The entrepreneur believes in delivering high-quality products and going the extra mile to give his clients the best service possible. Jeff started Graphic Connections Group, in his basement in 1992, and in 2000 went on to acquire other printing and graphic design companies. In 2012, he acquired the Independent Publishing Corporation, with the intention of helping small authors self-publish.

To find out more about Jeff, visit And

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