The Secret To Getting More Out Of Your Stimulus Check

The coronavirus stimulus checks are finally here. At least for some American’s that is…

American’s nationwide are reporting that their check for $1,200 (give or take eligibility according to IRS guidelines) has already been directly deposited into their bank accounts. 

Whether you’ve already received your check or you’re expecting it soon, here’s how you can put it to work for you. 

Fast Track Your 2020 Real Estate Business Goals. 

If you’re like the rest of us, you likely didn’t plan for a global pandemic or quarantine orders putting your business on hold for the first two quarters of the year. Yet, despite being blindsided by COVID-19, your 2020 business goals might just make it after all. 

The March 27th coronavirus relief bill provides payments up to $3,400 for American families depending on eligibility, making it a game changer for many entrepreneur’s 2020 business goals. 

For those of you who are in a financial position to use some of these funds on launching or scaling your real estate business, here are a few ways you can put that money to work for you.

How You Should Spend This Money First. 

Before we share with you how to make your check go further, you should first ask yourself if you’re in a financial position to invest this money. If you currently don’t have the funds to cover your family’s basic essentials in this uncertain time, then paying your necessary bills should be your priority.

Next, on that list is having an emergency fund. If you don’t already have an emergency fund set aside for unexpected repairs or expenses, then part of your check should definitely go towards this. Successful entrepreneurs need to be strong and confident. Having this extra emergency savings can go a long way in helping you feel confident when taking a leap of faith with your business.

Make Your Stimulus Check Work For You, By Investing In You. 

Now that you’ve got the essentials taken care of, you can focus on how you’re going to stretch that stimulus money and put it to work for you… By investing in you. More specifically, your business. 

Whether this means starting your own real estate investment business, growing your current business, or moving your traditional agency model into a hybrid agent-investor business, this is the perfect time to make those 2020 goals happen. 

Here’s 3 Reasons You Should Invest In Your REI Business. 

#1 – You Have The Time And The Money. 

If you’re doing what we’re all supposed to be doing, following the CDC guidelines to self quarantine, then you probably have a lot of time on your hands. Even if you work from home, you’re saving time by not having to get ready or travel to and from work. Coupled with the money coming in from the government, now you’ve got both the time and the money to start or grow your real estate investment business. 

#2 – Unprecedented Deals Are Being Offered. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in your future because a lot of great companies like are offering unprecedented deals on their software, services, and training. From free coaching like what we’re offering with our REI Beacon Group, to amazing discounts on marketing and software packages, this is the time to scoop up all of the savings that can help your money and your business go even further. 

Now’s a great time to check out our limited time offer on an Investor Stimulus Package. This package is being offered at its lowest rate ever, and includes more value than ever before. We’re even offering payment plans and deep discounts when you pay for an annual subscription. 

Our Real Estate Investor Stimulus Package Includes:

  •  Our REIgntye Grow CRM that we built specifically for real estate investors to optimize every part of your individual Seller and Buyer’s relationship journeys. 
  • It also comes with the ultimate follow-up tool that makes follow up easier and more effective than ever. 
  • As well as one year of our List Stack Filtering service Property List Manager. This powerful tool will save you time and money by pinpointing highly motivated property owners that need to sell their homes fast.
  • Plus, we’ll be here to coach and train you throughout the next year so that you can fully understand how to successfully use our tools, and how to scale your business faster with them.

#3 – Real Estate Investors Make More Money During Recessions.

This isn’t about making money off of people in difficult circumstances. In fact, many real estate investors enter this business so they can help sellers who are in tough financial situations or who need to move quickly. Plus, right now sellers are willing to take a reduced offer if it means a guaranteed sale and a low-stress move. 

So it’s no wonder that real estate investors get busy during economic downturns and recessions when more sellers flood the market than usual. This has proven true throughout every recession in modern history. 

Also, what’s unique and unprecedented about this future market we’re headed towards is that there won’t be the same financing difficulties and limitations that we saw during the previous recession where banks and mortgage companies had to be bailed out by the government. 

All of this will lend to an even more thriving marketplace for real estate investors to get in the game and scale their businesses faster than ever before. 

Are You Ready To Hit Your 2020 Business Goals? 

With the time and money, your 2020 business goals might not be too far away thanks to the coronavirus stimulus package. And if you invest some of those funds into fast tracking your business by investing in powerful tools and resources that can help you get ahead—like our limited time offer on our Investor Stimulus Package— you might be able to offset a miss from this early part of 2020 with a stellar 3rd and 4th quarter. 

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