Don’t Search for a Needle in a Haystack

You’re ready to invest in your next property. You spent hours comparing your lists, sorting records to find leads. You drafted your letter and spent thousands of dollars on a mailing only to hear crickets in return.

Sound familiar?

Not to our customers!

At Property List Manager, we’ve helped our clients reduce their marketing costs by 97%!

Seems unbelievable but it’s true.

Our cloud-based property list stack filtering platform pinpoints leads with a higher probability of wanting to sell their home fast. And our fulfillment service has helped thousands of real estate investors save time and money.

Imagine having a tool at your fingertips that makes finding motivated sellers easier?

You may think an absentee owner is motivated to sell, and perhaps they are. But an absentee owner already in pre-foreclosure and delinquent on their taxes is highly motivated!

What if you sent out 30 letters and got 4 phone calls? 

That’s what our customers have experienced using Property List Manager. Without our system, you could send 10,000 letters and hope for that same response.

Our list stacking tool is simple, easy to use, and delivers fast results by helping you to identify overlapping markets and find those truly motivated sellers.

What’s list stacking and filtering, and why do you need it? 

List stacking is an innovative method of filtering and managing your properties that helps you identify only the most highly motivated sellers across all your lists. 

Simply import your lists, stack, sort, and then filter the leads across all of your lists in one place, at one time. 

With advanced algorithms, Property List Manager allows you to stack lists, map fields, and filter out properties using dozens of criteria. 

The result?

Targeted leads specific for you!

We validate addresses upon import, remove duplicates, and check for vacancies on the USPS system. Best of all, we recheck for vacancies monthly, providing up-to-date leads when you need them.

No more sending letters to bad addresses or stressing over spreadsheets that require expert Excel skills. 

With Property List Management, you don’t have to be tech savvy. 

And there’s no more throwing darts at a blank wall.

But that’s not all!

Once you have targeted your most profitable leads, we can help you send personalized Postcards and Letters, Email and Phone Append, DNC Scrubbing and even Skip Tracing at special members-only wholesale rates. Special rates that beat out most of our competitors!

Still not sure if you really need a list stacking filtering program? 

Go ahead…do it the old-fashioned way….

Become an Excel expert. Manually sort, filter, and purge records. Or send letters to everyone on your list and hope for results.

You have all of the time in the world, right

Not if you’re like most of us real estate investors! Time is money.

Sure, you can do it all yourself… But why not let us do the $10 per hour tasks so you can focus on the $10K per hour job of closing deals and signing contracts? 

We offer three convenient, economical packages to fit your business needs. 

As a member you get…

  1. Address validation
  2. Vacancy checking, and rechecking monthly using USPS system
  3. Absentee filter for those owners not living at the property
  4. Mailing fulfillment service
  5. Skip tracing below market rates
  6. Monthly live webinars where you can gain tips, tactics, and hacks to turbo charge your marketing
  7. Inclusion in a private Facebook group to share ideas, get trade tips, and brag about your successes
  8. Did we mention that we have the hottest pricing on Skip Tracing out there? Our PLM members are seeing MASSIVE SAVINGS here over other service providers they’ve used in the past! (As low as 12 cent skip tracing, 4 cent phone and email appends, and 1 cent DNC scrubbing.)

Stop spending endless hours searching for that needle in a haystack.

With Property List Manager it’s simple and easy to use, saving you time and money. Map and import your lists, then stack, sort and filter your addresses to laser target your highest motivated leads. Export to Excel or reach out to your list right inside Property List Manager.

Get started now. 

Click Here to Become a Property List Manager member today. 

You deserve it! 

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