How One Investor Solved The 2 Biggest Problems Facing Real Estate Investors Today

“I don’t want to be a professional marketer…” Brent said

“I want to be a professional real estate investor” 

“Just Put me in front of motivated sellers and let me close some deals.”

Brent’s a successful but frustrated investor in Texas and recently vented his frustrations on a business that’s quickly overwhelming him.

“It’s more like I’m pretending to be an entrepreneur and business owner when I’ve really just got an 12 hour a day job where I’m both the boss and the employee.”

Brent’s closing deals but he’s spinning twenty plates at once, dealing with incompetent assistants and inconsistent deal-flow.

He continues, “It’s hard to find a good deal that isn’t off-market these days, and when I close a deal, all is good, but I’m afraid I’m not actually building something that’s going to last.  And God forbid I take a week off, even a few days and my business grinds to a halt.”

Many investors and agents can relate.

And Brent’s realization that he might be “playing business” instead of building systems and teams that allow him to step back and work ON his business instead of being involved in every little detail was critical to him overcoming this challenge.

If you’re in the business of flipping houses, wholesaling contracts or helping people sell their house on the MLS, a good question to ask yourself is:

“Do I want to be a professional marketer… or a professional real estate investor? And do I have to be both?”

Direct marketing for motivated sellers can be a complex, time consuming and expensive process.  (Unless you’re sourcing all your deals from MLS, wholesalers and referrals, you already know this is true).

Direct mail, postcards, pay per click, inbound phone team, outbound calling…

Not to mention keeping track of it all…

It can be a full time job.

And if you don’t know what you’re doing you can spend a lot of money and have leads fall through the crack if you aren’t on top of following up with all the leads you have.

Did you know…

If you’re like most investors, you got in this business to flip houses, do deals and help motivated sellers and ultimately be your own boss and live a life of freedom on your terms.

…Not to become a professional marketer.

…and not to be a slave to your business with a boss that stares back at you every time you look in the mirror and silently screams: “get back to work!”

One solution is to outsource all the marketing to a franchise brand like Homevestors and companies who build their own brand while shoveling their franchisees leads in exchange for a very hefty franchise fee.  What’s worse, your effort builds their brand and if you leave them, your business can disappear overnight.

Another solution is to recruit, hire and manage a team of employees or inexpensive overseas Virtual Assistants (VA’s).

But every minute you’re spending to manage employees or VA’s is time you’re you’re not spending on revenue generating activities.  (And if a key employee or assistant takes a vacation, quits or screws up, your business could face a dramatic setback).

“There Has To Be A Better Way”

Gary Boomershine, Founder REIvault

Many great businesses were created with this exact thought by an entrepreneur who grew tired of not having what they want and built it for themselves.

Enter Gary Boomershine.

Gary was just like Brent, and most other real estate investors who are working hard but but knew that big investors were doing something he wasn’t.

As a successful Fortune 500 technology consultant turned real estate estate investor, Gary faced many of the same issues when he began investing in houses.

Gary bought courses, hired coaches and joined masterminds and took action.

He was learning what to do, and successfully closing multiple deals per month.  But his health and his marriage suffered as a result of near-burnout as he was still faced with doing everything himself or the option of building and managing a team before he had the deal-flow to keep them busy.

“There Has To Be A Better Way” Gary said one day at an exclusive real estate investing mastermind meeting when he was surrounded by a dozen or so successful investors in the same situation.

A Bold New Idea Was Born (Would It Work?)

“It started with just a few of us getting together and brainstorming how we could compete and prosper in this competitive landscape (we knew that we couldn’t do it alone). So we began to identify the strategies, marketing, and technology that we would need to implement into our businesses to accomplish this.

Slowly and painstakingly we began to implement this in our local real estate businesses.

Each time we added one more component of the system, we began to see an increase in profits and efficiency in our real estate businesses.​

Through the grapevine other experienced investors discovered what we were doing and asked for us to include them in our group, so that they could participate and “share” in our resources without having to build everything from scratch.

As each new group member came on board we were able to continually increase our capabilities and resources for everyone to benefit from​.”

To Gary, this was a slamdunk because his Fortune 500 consulting background gave him ample experience setting up and managing this type of “Shared Services” with companies.  And he knew exactly how to build it.

The company Gary built solves the two biggest problems facing active investors and agents today.

  1. A lack of consistent appointments with qualified motivated sellers.
  2. Marketing overwhelm and confusion necessary to generate leads which turn into deals.

Now in 2018, REIvault and it’s parent company, LLC has been featured on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list 3 times and currently serves as the secret back-office team for over 250 investors and agents around the country.

REIvault is now an open but exclusive membership of active real estate investors and agents who leverage the 40+ person sales and marketing team to do all the marketing for them and generate APPOINTMENTS with motivated sellers.

“Imagine a steady stream of pre-qualified seller appointments, ready to take your call or meet you in person…

Without ever needing to pull a list, negotiate rates with a direct mail house, create compelling sales copy so sellers pick up the phone, talk to tire kickers, pull comps, set up complicated software to manage it all.

What if you simply decided how many appointments you wanted per month and were told exactly how much it would cost to generate those appointments.

And what if you didn’t have to buy a franchise or build someone else’s brand, but you had a well oiled marketing machine building your brand as the premier investor in your market?

~Gary Boomershine

What Is REIvault?

REIvault gives both investors and agents the power of a 40 person marketing & sales department without having to hire or manage a single person for the equivalent cost of one resource.

You provide a budget and a list of zip codes and their expert team will deliver the results you desire as a real estate entrepreneur: an abundant supply of prescreened, motivated sellers!

REIvault is the only company that gives you the managed systems, trained shared resources and proven processes that allow you to focus on the money making activities of closing deals.

For the first time, individual investors have the ability to truly scale their businesses and reach 6 or 7 figures without having to add a single employee.

And all for the equivalent cost of hiring one full time virtual assistant in the Philippines.

How’s That Possible?

By using the “economies of scale” which is the ability for a group to reduce costs and expenses by sharing resources over a large number of members, bringing the cost down for everyone.

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But Whatever Happened To Brent From Texas?

Almost forgot to mention, Brent, the investor from Texas who realized he didn’t want to be professional marketer and wanted to stop “playing business” became a member of REIvault two years ago.

In that time he has expanded to 3 markets, each of them outside his hometown where he manages a virtual real estate wholesaling and rehab business that does approximately 7 deals per month averaging between $7500 – $20,000 per deal.

But more importantly, Brent’s only employee is his personal assistant who keeps his schedule and he’s now spending more time with his wife, kids and dog Jack.

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